How To: Tape an ankle to prevent an injury in basketball

Tape an ankle to prevent an injury in basketball

This video demonstrates how to tape an ankle in order to prevent an injury in basketball. To do this, first it is necessary to start off with some ace pads. The foot should be in a neutral position at a 90 degree angle. The ankle must be pre-wrapped with tape high toward the shin. Anchors must be applied around the top up by the leg and then another anchor with tape around the foot. Then there must be stirrups applied from the medial to the lateral. 3 stirrups are applied. Then they are anchored. After that, three horse shoes are applied, and each is applied slightly overlapping. Now, with blue tape there is a heal wrap starting over the front and around the heal underneath. Two are applied. Now lateral heal locks are applied, going in the other direction. Now figure eights are applied, starting at the leg going around the foot. It can also be around the foot and then around the leg. Two are applied.

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