How To: Insert a Foley catheter in a male

Insert a Foley catheter in a male

This how to video demonstrates how to do a male Foley catheter insertion. Before beginning any catheterization procedure make sure to properly identify the patient, wash your hands, and that all the supplies are handy. Watch and learn how to properly insert a Foley catheter in a man. This medical how-to video is intended for medical students and professionals.

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A good teaching Video

In a male, always advance the catheter to the Y port to ensure that you do not inflate the balloon in the urethra.

very nice teaching video

thx for the info..hop i cant demontrate well tomorow..Gud luck to me..

Where is the lignocaine insertion? The lignocaine does several things,first it enlarges the eurethra then it really lubricates very well deep into the penis and also sterilizes. No one will ever catherize me without this product. The lignocaine stops all pain during this procedure ,it needs to be held in the penis for 3 to 5 minutes


thank you for the very useful information, I hope you can continue to provide information - information for people in various countries, thanks

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