How To: Know When You're in Labor

Know When You're in Labor

Dr. Keith Eddleman explains in this video tutorial on how a woman can really tell when she is going into labor. Sometimes, it's hard for a first-time mom to naturally know when she's going into the process.

One of the signs are that women will start having contractions that will eventually get closer and closer together. A woman should call her doctor when the contractions last for 30 to 40 seconds and start becoming increasingly stronger the further along they get. An indication that may be helpful are a little of blood mixed with mucus may come out of the cervix. Also, women may have an increase of the amount of mucus that's coming out of her cervix. The doctor goes on to explain a woman should go to the hospital if a woman starts heavily bleeding, doesn't feel the baby is moving, or if she keeps having pains after having her contractions. This video is very helpful for a first time mother who might be looking for tips on how to go through a smooth labor and child birth.

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