How To: 5 Natural Ways to Remove a Crick in Your Neck

5 Natural Ways to Remove a Crick in Your Neck

A crick is a sudden, spasmodic pain and stiffness in the neck caused by tight muscles that can absolutely ruin your entire day. It can last for more than one day and can be triggered by the smallest movement of the neck, such as a simple pandiculation, aka a yawn-stretch. Although you can't always prevent them, there are many natural ways to lessen a painful stiff feeling in the neck.

1. Wear a Scarf

The best way to relieve any type of pain is to do it in style! Okay... while this may not actually be the best way, wearing a scarf can help lessen the crick in your neck. In winter weather, your knits can serve multiple purposes, and keeping your neck warm and supported will help the pain go away. The point here is constant warmth, so a big turtleneck sweater or something similar should do the trick as well.

Scarves and turtlenecks are very useful for when you're on the go, but obviously are not a great option during the spring and summer months.

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2. Alternate Hot & Cold

Speaking of heat, alternating between hot and cold can also help reduce the pain, and it's the cheapest and easiest way to self-treat your neck woes.

Putting ice on the pain works as a natural anti-inflammatory agent and is a great way to relieve pain. Switching to heat helps calm muscles, and takes stress away from the area. Apply the cold to both your neck and shoulders for about 20 minutes, and do the same when you switch to heat. Depending on where the pain is exactly, you might find that one works better than the other, and in that case, stick to the one that feels best.

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3. Get Hydrated

Most people know that drinking water has a therapeutic effect on the body, and it's no different for neck issues. Sometimes neck pain can be brought on as dehydration in disguise. So drinking your 2 (women) to 2.5 liters (men), about 8-10 glasses, respectively, of water each day is must to get rehydrated.

Not only can this help get rid of the crick, it could prevent it from happening in the first place if added to your daily schedule. And although it might be hard, try not to drink the pain away with alcohol the night before.

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4. Exercise

Although it hurts to even slightly move, exercise will help. That's right, all those times our parents told us to get off the computer to get some exercise could actually pay off.

Don't go lifting weights with your neck, however. Instead, do a couple of range-of-motion exercises. Also, certain stretches will work on those muscles to relieve pain. Just remember to go slow and steady so as not to cause more damage and add to the pain you already feel. The key is to relieve the pain, not end up with a buff neck.

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5. Massage Cupping

One obvious trick is to simply massage your neck, but it doesn't have to be that simple. Massage cupping is a form of therapy that uses suction to increase blood flow and promotes healing in specific areas.

You can use silicone or glass cups, and some professionals even use fire and blood, but dry cupping, as it is usually referred to, should be enough.

A crick is a literal a pain in the neck, but it can be helped using the above tips and plenty of rest. With all the chemicals we consume in our daily lives, relieving pain through natural remedies can put you more at ease. But if all else fails, take medication, or see a doctor. Until that point, a stiff neck is a good excuse to receive massages from your friends and loved ones.

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thanks for this, As I have read in the Consumer Health Digest that stiff necks can be caused by a lot of factors but I guess having something to fix a not so bad neck problem is a good idea

my neck pain will not go away. any better ideas to do?

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