How To: Do a urinary catheterization procedure on a female

Do a urinary catheterization procedure on a female

In many situations, learning proper medical procedures is difficult due to the urgency involved in patient care, so this video aims to prepare nurses so they can learn and stay fluent with the proper urinary catheterization of a female patient.

As with all procedures, washing your hands using the accepted technique prior is critical. Then, you'll be presented with a case study where you'll learn through situational experience. Through the entire procedure, you'll learn the following nursing steps to take for catheterizing a woman.

—Getting Permission
—Preparing Yourself
—Preparing the Patient
—Preparing the Tray
—Catheterization Procedure
—Removing the Catheter
—Background Information

On a standard table for inserting a catheter, you should have the following equipment: a catheterization tray, some tape, an appropriately sized two-way indwelling Foley catheter, a urinary drainage bag and protective goggles for universal precautions. From here, you will learn how to insert the Foley catheter, and everything thereon.

This video on the urinary catheterization procedure on a female was produced as part of the Common Currency project at the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine. There might be slight variation of the procedure from institution to institution depending on policy and equipment used.

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Informative video. My wife found it useful since she helps her mother out with her catheter supplies. For anyone that is looking for catheter supplies and information, I would recommend They were a lot of help and very easy to use.

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