How To: Recognize signs of a bladder infection

Recognize signs of a bladder infection

Stop a bladder or urinary tract infection in its tracks by learning what to look for and how to prevent it from getting worse.
You Will Need
* Careful monitoring of symptoms
* A physician

Step 1
Check your frequency of urination. A swollen, infected bladder will make you feel the urge to urinate more often.

Step 2
Check for a burning sensation when urinating, a common symptom of a bladder infection.

Holding urine too long can encourage infection, so go when you have to go.

Step 3
Observe the color and smell of your urine. If your bladder is infected, urine may be dark yellow or greenish, with a foul odor.

If you take an over-the-counter drug for bladder infections and painful urination persists, see your doctor immediately.

Step 4
Check for throbbing pain in your stomach or pelvic area, as this is indicative of an advanced infection.

Step 5
Watch for blood in your urine and contact your physician immediately to prevent further damage to your urinary tract.

Step 6
Contact your physician for an accurate diagnosis. No two people are alike when it comes to infection symptoms.

Fact: Up to 30 percent of women will get a bladder infection in their lifetime.

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