How To: Intubate a patient (endotracheal intubation procedure)

Intubate a patient (endotracheal intubation procedure)

ER showed the world what goes on inside the emergency room, and in every episode, we experienced a common but very important procedure— intubation. But ER never made it seems easy; it showed just how hard it is for medical students to successfully intubate a patient due to fear and naivety. And for real-life doctors and medical practitioners, learning the art of airway management is just as difficult.

One of the most fundamental skill sets that medical students and residents need to know is airway assessment and management. Inadequate ventilation, whether due to sedation and neuromuscular paralysis in the operating room, an obstructed or compromised airway, altered mentation, loss of consciousness, or respiratory failure can lead to brain injury or death within minutes. So, it's a great importance to know how to evaluate and address a patient who may require ventilatory support.

Prior to intubation, check all equipment to make sure it's working properly, and make sure everything needed is in reach. In the operating room, perform a complete check of the anesthesia equipment at the start of each day, as well as a modified check before each new case. In the emergency room or hospital ward, know where all of your equipment is, and that you have the necessary resources to support the patient once intubated.

In the first video, learn about the actual endotracheal intubation procedure. You'll learn about the laryngoscope, visualizing the cords, examining the endotracheal tube, the patient's head position (sniff position), the scissor technique, and more. The second video will give you a tour through a bronchoscope, showing the anatomical relationships of the airway.

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And to learn about the equipment used, check out "How to use and understand airway management equipment" on WonderHowTo.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Intubate a patient (endotracheal intubation procedure), (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Intubate a patient (endotracheal intubation procedure)

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