How To: Perform a basic abdominal examination

Perform a basic abdominal examination

Watch this video to improve your clinical skills and learn how to do an abdominal examination. Note that this procedure should only be done by a medical professional.

Other things you may want to note when performing the abdominal exam.

Pain from an inflamed gall bladder can be referrred to:
* tip of scapula
* right shoulder

In children appendicitis can present with:
* para umbilical pain
* vomitng
* pyrexia

Abdominal pain in children could indicate:
* urinary tract infection (UTI)
* appendicitis
* abdominal migraine

Dyspareunia can be caused by:
* atrophic vaginitis
* psycho-social problems
* of the GU tract e.g. in thrush/STIs

Inflammation of the liver can cause:
•sharp, spasmodic LLQ

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nice video

highly informative video

the sequence was wrong.. auscultation should have done next after inspection..

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