How To: Administer an intramuscular deltoid injection

Administer an intramuscular deltoid injection

Studying to be a nurse? Then one thing you must know how to do is administer an intramuscular injection. Follow along in this nursing how-to video to learn the proper procedure for giving patients an IM injection in the deltoid muscle. Before starting always make sure you have all your materials handy and double check the doctor's order.

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this is very interesting and educational tnx so much

thanks a lot for the video

wow, this video is lacking. 1. Use Z-track method. 2. no need to aspirate on deltoid (though I guess it's not "wrong"), 3. inject over 10 seconds per 1ml of medication. 4. After injection, don't just walk away: provide for patient comfort & safety, evaluate result of medication, record medication administration on MAR...

Technique is good, but important to also use a safety device on needle. I recommend Kendall Monoject safety needles. The safety needle devices are easy to engage with one swift motion, and will not get in the way. You protect yourself as well as other workers when safety devices are used.

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