How To: Insert a Foley catheter in nursing

Insert a Foley catheter in nursing

Going to be a nurse? Then one very common procedure done by a nurse involves inserting a Foley catheter into a patient. Follow along in this nursing how-to video to learn how to insert a Foley catheter. Before starting always make sure to double check the doctor's orders and have all your materials ready.

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Mentions the use of Stat-Lock which is a great device rather than taping.Need to remove long sleeve lab coat (unless has elastic cuff sleeves) as potential for contamination is great. States "bear down" when inserting catheter but would that not cause the catheter to be more difficult to insert? Like that states check name band and checking for pt's comfort.

did not change gloves after insertion from sterile to clean to clean up mess and secure bag to bedframe. Used the cloth to clean up patient instead of washrag and towel, ouch..

As soon as the catheter reaches the bladder urine will start to flow. This is normal. You may now close the catheter compressing it while advancing the catheter another 5-8 centimeters. Connect the catheter to the urine bag. Now fill the balloon and then retract the catheter till you feel resistance.

Continuously reached over sterile field, especially the "assistant"

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