How To: Tape an ankle to prevent an inversion ankle sprain

Tape an ankle to prevent an inversion ankle sprain

Use tough skin spray adhesive, under wrap or pre-wrap, athletic tape to wrap an ankle. Position ankle in 90 degrees of dorsal flexion. Spray the adhesive to insure tight taping. Heel and lace pads are placed over tendons. Pre-wrap is applied, the goal here is to apply anchors so adhesive from tough skin will adhere to tape. Three layers are applied working towards the calf. Apply heel lock tape from the calf towards the heel, applying tension as you cross the bend in the ankle. The correct lock will be noted by parallel tape from the heel and calf. Next stirrups are applied three times. After, one anchor strips are applied. They should overlap and continue until all ligaments are covered and protected. One more heel lock is applied at 90 degrees of dorsal flexion. Pull forcibly and end on anchor. The last heel lock is put on without much tension. Three closing strips are applied loosely to not affect medial arch. This prevents inversion ankle sprains.

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