How To: Get pink eye from your makeup

Get pink eye from your makeup

Carolyn Dickerson teaches viewers about the connection between pink eye and makeup! Your pink eye may first start off and seem like a cold in your eye! Sometimes you may not know which pink eye you have. If the week progresses and your pink eye does not get any better, then you do not have a viral pink eye! It will continue to get worse if your eye does not drain properly! First, you can use sulfur based drops but this may be too much. You can also use a oral antibiotic! Swelling, draining and puffiness are signs of pink eye. You should do compresses on your eyes. If this gets worse you really should see a doctor. Another solution you can do is to clean any makeup brushes you have at all. Soak the brush tip in rubbing alcohol to clean them for a few hours! Make sure you do not share your brushes at all with anyone! Always twirl your brushes in tissues also! If infected, it's best to be safe and throw away dirty brushes!

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