How To: Perform a breast self exam

Perform a breast self exam

1 in 9 women will get breast cancer at some point in their lives, and at least a third of women will not self-check their breasts. Early diagnosis is essential in treating breast cancer, and that's where monthly self-checks come in. If you're not sure where to start – don't worry! Dr Dawn Harper's guide will give you advice on exactly how to self-check your boobs. Watch this video tutorial and learn how to self examine breasts for any lumps or possible cancer.

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very informative--- so important to realise how young you can get cancer

Wow. I didn't know guys could get breast cancer too. Crazy!

You'd think it was only for ladies...

i appreciate the information


Very wonderful My grandmother is going through her second bout with breast cancer if it weren't for self exams she truly wouldn't be alive

are you kidding me>>>men can be at risk?

1% of cases are men; but it's still worth a feel. let your GF do it for you

i'm 13 but i have big lumps in both right under my niple. is this normal?

I really appreciate this info... I've been meaning to find out for a while now how to self-examine, and now I can/will. I'll also pass this on to all my male friends & family... I think that's a really important message. 290 a year may not be a lot in terms of percentage of the population of the UK, but it's more than enough - especially for those 290!
Thanks again.

ya wish they taught me this in school

I've been self examining since I was 16 and I'm a guy. I've got no hangups when my family physician told me about preventative healthcare that included the breast area as well as the gonads I believed her right away.

i cant open videos of breast examination

good vid. and cool nipples by the way...

ya wish they taught me this in school

love the playboy tatoo

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