How To: Treat a child's cut, scrape, or bruise

Treat a child's cut, scrape, or bruise

Kids will be kids, which means they'll always be getting into trouble and they'll always be getting hurt. But that's just a part of growing up. Don't worry about preventing these mishaps, just be prepared for when they happen. Children are so active that there's always a chance they will get cuts, scrapes and bruises. Stay calm and follow these tips to get your child back on their feet.

You Will Need
* Cold pack
* Doctor
* Soap
* Water
* Washcloth
* Antibacterial cream/spray
* Band-Aids or gauze
* Sterile gauze
* Scissors (optional)

Step 1: Apply cold pack
Apply a cold pack to a bruise for 20 minutes to stop internal bleeding.

Step 2: Elevate the area
Elevate the bruised area for 15 minutes. Contact a doctor after 24 hours if the bruise does not get better.

Seek medical attention if the bruised area becomes swollen.

Step 3: Apply pressure
Apply direct pressure to cuts and scrapes for 10 minutes to stop the bleeding.

Step 4: Clean the wound
Clean the wound with soap and water.

Step 5
Use a washcloth to gently scrub away dirt.

Cut off loose pieces of skin with sterilized scissors.

Step 6
Apply antibacterial cream or spray to prevent infection.

Step 7
Cover the wound with a band-aid or sterile gauze. Contact your doctor if the cut or scrape looks infected, or does not heal within 10 days.

Blood vessels under the skin rupture.

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