How To: Rehabilitate an LCL knee injury

Rehabilitate an LCL knee injury

LCL stand for lateral collateral ligament, and it is a ligament of the knee. Rehabbing a torn LCL after surgery can be an involved process. Learn how to treat sports injuries in this how-to video on health and rehab.

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Can cause other problems
Stabilizes the knee
Fix with surgery
Use knee brace

About this Author
Mr. Paine is well known physical therapist with the Roger Clemens Institute at Memorial Hospital. After getting his degree in physical therapy from Texas Women's University he trained for several years under David Drez, MD, a renowned surgeon and sports medicine specialist. He has been a rehab consultant for the Houston Rockets, Houston Astros and NASA. He has given hundreds of presentations in his career in the US and abroad and has published many chapters in text books and papers in peer review journals.

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I am pretty sure something is wrong with my LCL. The Ligament also feels loose and I feel a poping sound quite often that comes with extreme PAIN! I am VERY active with basketball and football. everytime i run it becomes very sore!

Is my LCL streched or what? and what can i do?

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