How To: Perform a routine male infant circumcision

Perform a routine male infant circumcision

This video demonstrates how the foreskin (prepuce) from the penis of an infant is aseptically removed.

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An UnGodly sight if I ever saw one.

Fancy doing that to a poor little baby. I am glad that I still have my foreskin.

Genital Mutilation, whether male or female, is so wrong. It is so absurd that it is practiced at all in this country.

How is this not child abuse?

that's so painfull.that's way i decide not to do it.

this video is the best way for him to be as its deffantly cleaner and problems dont occor in life and they also use anifectic as well

Mom and dad had it done to me at 3 days old, glad they did, much cleaner. I am sure it hurt like hell I don't remember a thing about it of course

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