How To: Perform a postpartum and newborn assessment

Perform a postpartum and newborn assessment

Going to be a nurse? Then here is one thing you should know how to do. Follow along with this nursing how-to video to learn how to do a postpartum and newborn assessment. Watch, learn and practice during lab practice. Remember to explain procedures to patient and have all packages open before you begin. This OB postpartum and newborn assessment emphasizes on deep breathing exercises.

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This is a WMV file, so you need Windows Media Player installed to view it. If you have a Mac, then you'd need Flip4Mac. Also, the plugin needed only runs in 32-bit mode, so you'll need to restart your browser in 32-bit mode or use a different browser, like Chrome.

The videos will not run after I downloaded windows media. What else should I do?

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