How To: Perform a general eye exam on a patient

Perform a general eye exam on a patient

If you're a medical student, you'll learn a lot from this video lesson on examining your patient's eyes. If the patient is having trouble seeing, like double vision, blurred vision, pain or any other problem, a proper eye examination is detrimental to properly diagnosing and treating him/her. You can also determine and potential problems which may arise bases on your family history. Watch to see the complete procedure outlined, which is great for any med student or doctor. Even nurses can benefit.

Visual Acuity
* Use proper technique with Rosenbaum Card
* Use proper technique with Snellen Eye Chart

Inspection of External Eye
* Observe for ptosis, exophthalmia, lesions, deformity, or asymmetry
* Inspect conjunctiva and sclera
* Ask patient to look up, down, left, and right while inspecting bulbar surface
* Wash hands before and after this portion of the exam

Visual Field
* Position and instruct patient
* Screen by confrontation, 4 quadrants, and neglect

Extra Ocular Movements
* Position self and patient
* Instruct patient
* Demonstrate 6 sided cross or "H" pattern
* Check convergence

Corneal Reflections
* Check corneal reflections with penlight

Pupillary Reaction
* Approach from temporal angle
* Test bilaterally
* Check for direct and consensual responses
* Accommodation response

Standard Ophthalmoscope
* Adjust aperture, diopter, and light intensity
* Dim room light
* Use right hand/right eye/index finger technique
* Instruct patient to fixate on a point and elicits a red reflex
* Follow inward thru the pupil to locate optic disc and allows time to focus

Go to OPETA for complete written instructions, including inspecting corneal reflexes and using the PanOptic Ophthalmoscope.

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