How To: Perform a full abdomen exam on a patient

Perform a full abdomen exam on a patient

This video will teach doctor and medical students how to perform a full abdomen examination. John D. Gazewood, MD, MSPH, will show you the whole process, from the first steps of inspecting the abdomen, looking for abdominal contour and symmetry, to auscultation, percussion, and palpation of the abdomen. Some common findings during the inspection phase of the exam could be scars, striae, colors, jaundice, and prominent veins.

For a full lesson on abdomen examination, go to University of Virginia's School of Medicine Interactive Learning Module. The best way to prepare yourself for your small group exercises is to first watch the abdominal exam video from beginning to end, then proceed through all the explanations of abdominal anatomy and physiology that are in this lesson. Once finished with this module, you should be able to:

* To know the four quadrants and nine regions of the abdomen;
* To be aware of some common findings on inspection, auscultation and palpation of the abdomen, and what they may mean;
* To know the reason for the sequence of abdominal examination;
* To learn how some common abdominal conditions are diagnosed using physical examination.

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