How To: Listen for breath sounds through back auscultation

Listen for breath sounds through back auscultation

Lung auscultation is an important part of diagnosing and treating lung conditions. This medical how-to video shows you how to perform a lung exam on a patient's back. Use a stethoscope to listen for normal and irregular breath sounds that a patient may have.

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Nice video. After viewing it, I took heart and lung sound lessons at Many of the lessons are free.

regarding breath sounds. how can I put or arrange the following in order:

  1. listen to anterior thorax breath sounds beginning above clavicles.
  2. listen to lateral thorax breath sounds.
  3. stand behind the patient.
  4. Instruct the client to raise arms.
  5. Listen to posterior thorax breath sounds beginning the apex of lungs.
  6. compare breath sounds over the right & left sides of the posterior thorax.

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