How To: Insert a PA line with a Swan Ganz catheter in nursing

Insert a PA line with a Swan Ganz catheter in nursing

Studying to be a surgical nurse? Then here is a nursing how-to video that teaches you how to insert a PA line with a Swan Ganz catheter. Every nurse should know the basics of this technique, follow along and see how easy it is to do a PA line insertion through a sheath guide wire. PA pressures are presented on monitor as line is introduced and passed through the right side of heart to PA and arterioles. The PA line sits in the Pulmonary Artery. These medical tips are sure to help you pass your nursing exam with flying colors.

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I need a video that teach me how to prepare the tubings for swan ganz lines measurement like cvp, pap etc

I could not start video....I will try another day

Several of these nice "how to" videos cannot be viewed at all. Makes learning a bit difficult when you just need a quick refresher.

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