HowTo: Sneeze Properly

Sneeze Properly

Sneezing is more than just a nuisance, it's a danger to the health of innocent bystanders. The amazing Richard Massingham, hypochondriac and master of PSA filmmaking, demonstrates how to sneeze properly, therefore preventing the spread of toxic germs.

(Enjoy the last 30 seconds of rhythmically repetitive Girl Talk goodness.)

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Sneezing is so powerful you can put your back out. I've done it. Its horrible. My chiropractor taught me a way to prevent this. Brace your arms against something as you sneeze. This prevents the body from absorbing the energy internally. It transfers it out through your arms. Believe me if you've ever been through the pain I have, you'd. prefer bracing yourself to prevent injury versus blowing snot all over innocent bystanders.

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