How To: Diagnose and treat a muscle strain

Diagnose and treat a muscle strain

Strained muscles result from tearing or overstretching of muscle fibers. Most often a hamstring strain occurs at the attachment of the hamstring to the ischial tuberosity. Learn about hamstring muscle strain in this medical how-to video.

Take Action
Rest the injury
Use ice for pain and inflammation
Use an over-the-counter analgesic
Perform gentle hamstring exercises

About this Author
Dr. Stallworth is board certified in rehabilitation and phsycial medicine. She graduated from Baylor College of Medicine and finished her residency at Baylor. Dr. Stallworth is known for being a superb and compassionate physician that believes in not only health of the body of the mind as well. She currently serves on the board of Centennial Medical Center and is a former board member of the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She now resides with her family in middle Tennessee.

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